• Mark Respinger

Myopia is a Major Indoor Lighting Issue

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Myopia or short sightedness has been growing at a rapid rate among school age children. Studies show that children who spend a lot of time outdoors in natural sunlight are less affected by myopia than children who don’t.

Myopia is serious eye condition for those afflicted and its rapidly increasing incidence in many advanced Asian Economies requires major and sustained health care investment. If not addressed early, it can result in blindness in later years for a significant proportion of those afflicted.

Research findings show that excessive exposure to blue light, which is the high-energy part of the visible light spectrum, is likely to be the major cause of myopia. Regular LED lighting is a major source of blue light along with computers, TV screens and other types of electronic screens.

In China the myopia problem is so serious that the Central Government has set targets to reduce myopia among students to the following levels by 2030:

  • Age 6: controlled within 3%

  • Elementary School: lower than 38%

  • Junior School: lower than 60%

  • High School: lower than 70%

No comprehensive studies of myopia have been undertaken in New Zealand or Australia to highlight the increase in myopia among children or adults. In line with international studies it can be assumed to be high and growing problematically. We are confident that the myopic epidemic will be front and centre news in New Zealand and Australia in the near future.

Our new Healthy Eyes LED panels emit a low level of blue light and were developed specifically to tackle the issue of myopia and eye damage in schools and indoor work environments.

We have priced our Healthy Eyes panels at the same price as regular LED panel lights to make them affordable for all indoor study and work environments.

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