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Case Study: Whanganui Intermediate School

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The first installation of eye-protection Heathyeye lights outside of China is a classroom at Whanganui Intermediate School, Whanganui, New Zealand.

The objective was to demonstrate that our Healthyeye lights improved the Classroom environment by offering safer lighting to protect student’s and teacher’s eyesight and create an ideal studying atmosphere.

Whanganui Intermediate comment following installation:

The teacher and students love the lights and the atmosphere it creates. It is a calm environment that we will pursue for the rest of the School

Whanganui Intermediate is showcasing the Healthyeye lights to other schools and interested parties and would welcome your inspection.

A detailed lighting design analysis was undertaken to determine the optimum light positioning in the Classroom to give the best light distribution. It was calculated that 9 lights were required. This compared to 6 existing lights that were fluorescent tubes.

The installation required some additional wiring and labour cost to meet the design specification.

The Healthyeye lights are energy efficient. Even with the 9 lights the energy cost will be lower than for the existing 6 lights. In addition the life of the Healthyeye lights is much longer than fluorescent lights and as they will give a consistent even distribution of light their entire life ongoing maintenance costs will be minimal.

Due to the longevity of LED lights we are mindful that decisions made today have repercussions for say 15 years being the life of the lights.

Our pricing policy is to make our Healthyeye lights competitive with regular LED panel lights and thus remove any price considerations.

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