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We are running a promotion in Auckland schools at the moment where we will provide a free LED lighting audit and cost savings calculator to help them realise the value of LED lighting. With that in mind, I thought I would take the opportunity to write about some of the befits of LED lighting in a school environment.

LED Lighting for Schools - Product Catalogue

Energy Savings

I guess the most obvious benefit of LED lighting, in most situations, is the energy savings. LED lighting uses considerably less power than traditional lighting. This means less of the school's budget being spent on power and more being spent on the task of educating tomorrow's leaders.

Maintenance Savings

LED lights also need less frequent maintenance freeing up facility management staff to focus their efforts improving other aspects of the school environment. An LED light will often last more than 10 times as long as a traditional light before needing to be replaced.

Improved Academic Results

LED Lighting provides a more complete and natural colour spectrum than traditional lights, which emit light with the signature of their chemical makeup. This improves the comfort and attention span of children in the classroom. It also reduces the frequency of headaches allows for better overall educational results.

No Harmful Chemicals

Unlike many traditional lighting sources (e.g. mercury vapour, fluorescent, high-pressure sodium), LED lighting contains no harmful chemicals and reduces the risk to developing bodies. While the chemicals and gases in traditional lighting are supposed to be contained, it is not uncommon for those lamps to shatter and fill the study environment with harmful toxins.

Improved Safety

LED lighting provides better quality night time lighting in outdoor areas which can improve the safety and security of the grounds after hours and reduce the potential for vandalism. Traditional lighting typically emits light with a lower colour temperature and lower colour rendering index than LED lighting. This means that for the same amount of lumens created, it will normally be more difficult for security staff to see clearly.

If your school would like a FREE on-site lighting analysis and LED cost savings calculator, please call us on 027 9521259

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