Depond New Zealand is the oversea branch of Desheng Group which is mainly focused on providing the best possible LED lighting products at the lowest possible price in New Zealand and Australia.

Desheng is a highly successful diversified private enterprise with excellent relationships within China and internationally. Desheng ranks in the top 500 companies in China. Businesses include integrated vanadium and titanium (V-Ti) steel production, energy generation, LED lighting,chemical production, International trade and logistics, cultural tourism, private equity, investment and modern agriculture.

Desheng has assets of CNY 37 billion (AUD 7.5 billion) and turnover of CNY 30 billion (AUD6 billion) in 2015. Employees total approximately 17,000 including 2,500 qualified professionals.​

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Find out how much LED lighting can save your business


Depond's focus is on getting you the best LED lighting at the cheapest price. We work together with some of China's largest LED manufacturers to develop products specifically for the New Zealand market. Often we can arrange for products to be sent directly from the factory to your door. The considerable savings we generate doing this ensure that you will always get the best price and the highest quality from us.

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