Depond is a team of people passionate about lighting. We have spent years working with our factory partners to develop the best possible collection of lighting to meet the needs of New Zealanders. That is because we understand that the only way to truly meet the needs of our customers is to make products specifically for them.


Our mission is to ensure that our customers recieve the best possible long term benefit from their LED lighting installation. We work together with businesses and government to develop long term costing models to visualise the true benefits of their various lighting options side by side.


For an obligation free long term savings calculation for your business or organisation, call us on 027 9521259 or fill out the contact form below.



Depond is committed to providing its customers with the best possible LED lighting products at the lowest possible price. We do this through improved logistics systems whereby we minimise double handling to ensure that products reach our customer's door in the fewest steps.


We ONLY deal with New Zealand and Australian businesses, organisations and government agencies. By not dealing with residential clients, we can offer our customers increased pricing flexibility and product customisation. Our prices are very competitive, but we do not post them on our website.


We pass the savings that we make our customers so that they can afford the best lighting technology at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Call us today on 027 9521259 to see how much you can save.