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Depond's focus is on getting you the best LED lighting at the cheapest price. We work together with some of China's largest LED manufacturers to develop products specifically for the New Zealand market. Often we can arrange for products to be sent directly from the factory to your door. The considerable savings we generate doing this ensure that you will always get the best price and the highest quality from us.

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These red car mounted LED beekeeper lights are idea for beekeepers who like to tend to their hives before or after sunset. Bees do not see red which means that beekeepers can work with the hive causing minimal disturbance. Sealed to IP67, the lights will keep out the water as well as any insects trying to crawl inside the light unit.

Mounts in the same way as a regular car mounted work light. Call or email us for pricing and delivery options.

Car Mounted Red LED Beekeeper Light

    • Input Voltage: DC10 - 30V
    • Rated Power: 27W
    • IP Level: IP67
    • Light Colour: Red