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Planning on switching the lighting in your home or workplace to LEDs? LED Lighting can last a long time (think 10+ years) so it is important to make sure you choose something that will enhance your life, rather than making you feel uncomfortable.

Colour Temperature

Colour Temperature is our new app to make understanding colour temperture and lighting design easier. We have talked a lot about colour temperature at this blog (here & here) becasue we believe that it is one of the most fundamental, yet poorly understood, ingredients in good lighting design. Now with Colour Temperature for iOS users can use their screens to show exactly what various colour temperatures will look like in their home or office.

Benefits of the Colour Temperature App:

  1. Translate the colour temperature on a back of a box into something that you can really get a feel for.

  2. Planning approriate colour temperatures by using your iOS device to illuminate the environment.

  3. Roughly detirmining the colour temperature of existing lighting. If you are trying to match an existing lamp's colour temperature, being able to detirmine what it is will make your task much easier.

If you have any questions about how to use the app, suggestions for additional features or other comments please use the comment box below.

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