• Mark Respinger


We often talk about our the way we work directly with LED lighting manufacturers as a major advantage, so I thought I would write a brief article on why that is.

Lighting direct from the factory

One thing that we have learned in the LED lighting business is that lighting is a very personal thing. This applies if you are at home trying to create the right mood, in the office wanting higher productivity, in a factory looking for better worker safety or lighting a street properly without having light spill into resident's homes. Working directly with our factory partners gives us the ability to customise our lighting to our customers needs. When we have a customer request that can't be fulfilled by one of our regular products, we have the option to work directly with factory engineers to develop custom solutions to address the problem.

We make use of a dual quality control system that ensures that the product that we specify, is what arrives on our customer's doorstep. As well as government mandated testing, our China lighting team directly inspects and tests products that come off the line to ensure that all our quality requirements are achieved. We know our customers want reliable products and we certainly don't want to have products failing under warranty, so it is a win for everybody.

For large corporate or industrial lighting projects, working closely with the manufacturer in China can also mean reduced logistics costs for our customers. By shipping lighting direct from the factory warehouse in China to our customer's doorsteps in New Zealand, we can often save huge amounts of money compared with traditional logistics models that require logistics double handling in New Zealand.

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