• Mark Respinger


Honey Bee on Flower

We have recently produced a new LED product for The Honey Company based on the South Island of New Zealand. They were looking to purchase a red LED vehicle mounted lamp to attach to their trucks.

Some bees have been shown to behave less agressively at night, thus making it a good time of day to harvest honey. Unfortunately bees, similar to many insects, tend to be attracted to lights in the night. This means that working a bee hive with a torch makes a beekeeper a target for the bees.

The good news is that certain honey bees are not affected by red or green light to the same extent as they are to white or blue light. To this end Depond LED Lighting has created a vehicle mounted beekeeping red LED lights that provides a light visible to humans, but minimises disturbance to the bee hive. Having the light mounted on the vehicle also means that it is further from the hive, thus attracting few bees and keeping them away from the beekeeper.

Check out our red beekeeping light and give us a call or send us an email to get a quote.


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